Changing Places bathrooms have special features to meet the needs of people who cannot use standard accessible toilets. It is important that every Changing Places bathroom has the same equipment and design, so people can plan ahead and trust that their needs will me met. Every Changing Places bathroom provides the right equipment, enough space to move around, and a safe and clean environment for its users.



The following equipment is installed in every Changing Places bathroom:



To ensure there is enough space for users, every Changing Places bathroom has:

Safe and clean environment

In addition to the requirements of standard toilets and accessible toilets, every Changing Places bathroom has these features to be safe and clean for its users:

  • a shower on a flexible hose over the changing bench/shower plinth
  • a non-slip floor and well-designed wet area
  • a large waste disposal bin for disposable pads
  • a sharps disposal container
  • a secure access system for registered users only, to ensure the room is only being used for its intended purpose

The features listed above are requirements of every Changing Places bathroom. There may be extra accessibility features present in any individual bathroom.

Note: Some of these features, like the hoist system, are hazardous for unattended children and untrained users. The purpose of Changing Places bathrooms is to meet the needs of people who cannot use standard accessible toilets, not to provide one single solution for all possible users. The best way to make toileting facilities available for every person is to provide a Changing Places bathroom as well as standard toilets, accessible toilets, and baby changing facilities.