If you’re interested in building a Changing Places facility and want to be sent an information kit including Changing Places NZ Specifications, example floor plans and estimated costings, please email us: [email protected]

Considerations before you build

Changing Places bathrooms are funded individually and built locally. Building the facility follows the normal planning, consenting, and building process as for any other toilet open to the public, with a few differences because of their special features.

Here are some things to consider before you build a Changing Places bathroom:

  • Changing Places bathrooms do not currently receive any special government funding, although the facilities are more expensive than standard accessible toilets and take up more space. Consider seeking sponsorship, either financial funding or donation of equipment and services.
  • The bathroom design must be accredited by Changing Places NZ before it can be called a Changing Places bathroom or display the Changing Places logo. Contact Changing Places NZ for more information.
  • Changing Places bathrooms have maintenance and security requirements which are different from standard accessibility toilets. This includes regular inspection and certification by an Independent Qualified Person (IQP inspection). Your organisation may need to create new processes to manage the facility. Changing Places NZ can assist with IQP inspection through Arjo, our preferred equipment supplier, for regular maintenance, inspection, and safety/load testing.
  • Maintenance and cleaning staff need to know how people use the equipment, so they can recognise problems with the equipment and fix any issues. Your organisation should ensure adequate staff training to promote awareness.
  • Changing Places bathrooms use a secure access system for registered users only, to ensure the room is only being used for its intended purpose. Users, cleaners, and maintenance staff can gain access by contacting Changing Places NZ. Use of our secured access system is included in the Changing Places support package offered to those wanting to build a facility.
  • Changing Places NZ can assist with other forms of support and promotion.