Why only registered members?

Access to Changing Places facilities is restricted to only those that need them. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • To help protect the room and specialised equipment from malicious damage
  • To ensure the safety and wellbeing of people who don’t know how to use the specialised equipment
  • To maximise the cleanliness and availability of the room for those who need it, when they need it

From the shared experiences of Changing Places groups overseas and in our own journey to build the first facility here in New Zealand, we learned quickly that the biggest barrier to building Changing Places facilities is not money—it is security of the unit and the potential need for extra staffing to enable access. We believe the system we have created for this facility and others going forward offers safe and secure self-managing access, eliminating these two major concerns.

How does access work?

When you register as a Changing Places member, you are given a coded tag on a retractable lanyard. To enter a Changing Place, simply hold your tag up to a sensor next to the door. The retractable lanyard can be secured to a wheelchair or walker.

We are working to develop a smartphone app using Bluetooth technology, which will recognise that an authorised user has approached the door and open automatically (this is a work in progress).

Although we currently only have a limited number of facilities in New Zealand, we have future-proofed our system so that the same tag (or phone app) will open any Changing Places unit nationwide. As more Changing Places become built around New Zealand, you will gain access to these newer facilities at no extra charge and without having to update your registration details.

What is the cost to register as a member?

Running the secured access system comes at a cost. Changing Places NZ is not currently Government funded, and relies on its users to help cover those costs through a membership fee.

Discounted Lifetime Membership (charitable model) (a single tag for an individual, family, or organisation):

  • $120 per tag (with branded retractable lanyard, including postage)
  • $120 per additional tag

Full Price Lifetime Membership

(for those not using the charitable model, such as ACC, special needs schools, and residential care homes, etc):

  • $250 per tag

In addition, smartphone technology is coming soon...

What are the conditions of membership?

See: Terms and conditions, Privacy policy

Is help available to cover registration costs?

ACC: If the user is an ACC client and the need for access to Changing Places facilities is related to their claim, ACC will likely reimburse the registration costs—speak with the ACC Case Co-ordinator.

CP Society: Members of the Cerebral Palsy Society of NZ are able to use the getThis&That voucher scheme to fund their Changing Places registration. For more details, go to cerebralpalsy.org.nz/member-services/programmes/getthisthat

Individualised Funding: People with Individualised Funding for disability support services through certain Needs Assessment and Service Coordination services (NASCs) can opt to use some of their funding to pay for Changing Places membership. The following NASC services have confirmed that Individualised Funding can be used for Changing Places membership:

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