The toilet in a Changing Places bathroom is designed to be fully accessible for everyone. Some people are able to use the toilet by themselves, needing only hand rails and plenty of space. Other people may need help from as many as two assistants while using a ceiling hoist. The features of the toilet are carefully chosen to accommodate all users, whatever their personal needs.


This toilet is designed to be fully accessible, with lift-up rails and adjustable height controls
The toilet in a Changing Places bathroom meets all these requirements:
  • The toilet is centrally located (not located in a corner), with at least one metre of clear space on both sides for caregivers to assist with toileting.
  • The toilet is located for convenient transfer from a wheelchair or hoist.
  • The toilet seat is a full ‘O’ shape, not a ‘U’ with a gap at the front. U-shaped toilet seats can make it harder to transfer on or off the toilet, and can trap people’s legs.
  • Horizontal handrails are mounted on both sides of the toilet, which lift out of the way when not needed.
  • A toilet paper holder is mounted within easy reach of the toilet.
  • All toilet features and handrails are designed to support a person’s full weight during transfer on or off the toilet.
  • In some Changing Places, the toilet is fully height-adjustable with simple controls.