About Changing Places

Changing Places New Zealand (Changing Places NZ) was formed in 2017 to provide fully accessible bathroom facilities in public places throughout New Zealand. Changing Places NZ is based on the Changing Places Consortium which built over 1000 fully accessible public bathrooms in the United Kingdom since 2006. Changing Places has also spread to Australia, which now has dozens of fully accessible public bathrooms across the country.

Symbols for a public toilet, an accessible toilet, a baby changing table, and a Changing Places bathroom.
Symbols for different types of public toilets.

A Changing Places bathroom is much more than an accessible toilet. It is a place where people with multiple or complex disabilities can get changed in a safe, clean environment. It has facilities for toileting, showering, and changing for adults or children who might have more than one caregiver with them.

The Changing Places symbol shows an accessible toilet, a ceiling hoist, an adult-sized changing table, and a caregiver assistant. This symbol is used to indicate a Changing Places bathroom, in the same way that standard symbols are used to indicate a toilet, accessible toilet, or baby changing station.

The Changing Places name and logo are registered trademarks of Changing Places New Zealand (Changing Places NZ) for use in New Zealand.

Note: Changing Places are not meant to replace standard accessible toilets. They should be installed as well as, not instead of standard accessible toilets. Providing a Changing Places bathroom meets the needs of people who cannot use standard accessible toilets, while taking away nothing from people who do not need the facilities.

Visualization of a Changing Place that was built overseas - Video by Clos-o-Mat.